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Goblands Setting Bible:

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Origin Story:
In the distant past, there was Mother Bird. She was a being of pure light, with plumage beyond the description of man. Mother Bird layed an egg. She cared for this egg. She kept it safe, and kept it warm. But when she went out to find food one day, the Great Lizard snuck into the nest and swallowed the egg whole. When Mother Bird found her egg gone, she searched and searched until she found it in the belly of the Lizard. With a heaven splitting battle dry, she attacked. When the fight was over, the lizard lay still, gaping wound in its belly. The Egg, known as Rog, had up unto this point been a pure, unspoiled example of life. But the Lizards stomach had corrupted it, not so much that it was beyond the light of Mother Bird, but enough that a balance was struck. The Egg became the world as we know it today. As for the Lizard, he survived. The hole in his chest never healing, and the everlasting pain slowly driving it mad. It wanted the egg back.

Goblin History:
The Goblins of Rog-Alev were once stupid, panicky, disorganized, smelly vermin that bred like rats. They would cling to the leg of many power that claimed it would help them. These powers subjugated them, using them for cannon-fodder, slave labor, and at worst a food source for their bigger minions. The Terms of Servitude, as the goblins called them, were thus. The Demon Term: The world was set upon by a half-demon bent on enslaving the world through magic. The Golem Term: An evil Dwarven archmage used dwarven technology and blood rituals as well as goblin labor to take over the world. The Overlord Term: a Mercenary begins a campaign of war using leftovers from the Golem Term. In the Demon Term, the goblins stood no chance, and the demon promises them power. The Golem Term saw the first aspects of goblin advancement. The goblins were made to produce the contructs that the Dwarf would use, and they were secretly being used as sacrifices to power the soul engines of the monstrosities. The End of the Overlord Term saw the final stages of the Advancement. The goblins had gotten tired of their constant slavery. They learned of a group of men calling themselves “heroes” who were going to overthrow the Overlord. They assisted the humans in the seige with one condition. They wanted the land that The Overlord has seized. Agreeing with these terms, the Humans wiped out the evil force, and shook hands withthe goblin leaders.

In the millenia since, the goblins have come into their own in a big way. They’ve used their newfound independance, as well as their skills and knowledge to create a beautiful, thriving empire, with all aspects being overseen by the Seven Goblin Lords. They have become a major force of trade and industry, with an interest in Dwarven Technology and its applications on their trade routes.

The World At Large:
In this new age, a lot of other races find their power waning. Humans have become quiet and inwardly focused, their minds tied into the thoughts of the gods. True Elves are withdrawing deeper into the forests they have left.

Playable Races:
The world of Rog has many interesting and unique creatures, and while many of them are available for play, the following are the focus of the setting at the time:
Desert Elves
Winter Elves (drow)
Aquatic Dwarves
Gnomes (rare)

Any class is playable, as long as the DM signs off.

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